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The World of Life Science

Method of data collection used to determine what exists or what is a common practice in an area
An organized way of finding a workable solution to a problem
To arrange data so relationships can be seen
Logical conclusion based on observations
Information from an experiment or survey
Situation designed and controlled by a person for the purpose of gaining data about a particular problem and testing a particular hypothesis
To obtain data through repeated experiments or surveys and observe similar results each time
Something a person assumes to be true
What someone wants to believe
Overall perspective from which a person sees and interprets the world
The systematic investigation of the natural world based on observation
The factor or condition being changed in a controlled experiment
The charge that God gave to man in Genesis 1:28 to exercise dominion over the earth
God made man to reflect certain aspects of His own being
The worldview that nature is the ultimate reality and that there is no supernatural force that sustains it
To determine whether a set of data supports a hypothesis
Group in a controlled experiment that is not exposed to the experimental variable
A piece of information gathered by using one or more of the five senses; the process of gathering such information
A testable statement about the answer to a problem