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U.S. History Vocabulary

Brennan Hymel
Mr. Green
Highest social class in the 13 English colonies
Elected representative assembly in the Massachusetts Bay colony
Trade product brought into the country
Movement in Europe that emphasizes reason
English Protestants who settled in the Massachusetts Bay
A written list of freedoms the government promises to protect
Owner of a huge estate in a Dutch colony
Act of publishing something that could damage someones reputation
Belief that ones race is superior to another
Person who cannot pay money he/she owes
Product traded outside of a country
A group of people who have the power to make laws
Private teacher
A person who learns a trade or craft from a master
A meeting in New England where colonists discuss and vote on issues
In the 13 English colonies a class that includes skilled craft workers, farmers, and some trades
Schools supported by taxes
Nickname for New England merchants who dominated colonial trade
Plant used to make valuable blue dye
Holiday of rest