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Forming the United States Introduction Vocabulary

The group that favored ratification of the US Constitution
Opposed ratification of the U.S. Constitution
The solution to the debate over how the slave population would be counted as part of the population for representation in the House of Representatives.
Established that the power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce would be a congressional power.
A type of government where congress is only comprised of one house or section.
The government and its’ officers are subject to the law and not above the law.
The document that ensured that states maintained individual sovereignty but came together for issues related to common defense and protection of civil liberties.
The government only runs with the consent of the governed (the people)
Government is all powerful and can only do what the people have given it power to do.
The solution to the debate concerning how representation in Congress would be decided which resulted in two houses in congress—House of Representatives and the Senate.
The man who was selected as president of the convention unanimously
The 55 delegates who were in attendance for the new U.S. Constitution
method of distributing power between the national and regional governments
The secret meeting of representatives from 12 of the 13 states at Independence Hall for the creation of the new U.S. Constitution
Concept where the three branches of government have separate powers and responsibilities.
Congress was forbidden the power to tax the export of goods from any state and ensured congress could not interfere with the slave trade for 20 years.