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To arrange experimental data so that relationships can be seen
What i measure is the out come
To obtain data through repeated experiments or surveys and obscure simmer results each time
An organized way of finding a workable solution to a problem that involves experimenting or surveying
The charge that God gave the Christians to take dominion or stewardship over the earth
A situation or process designates and controlled by a person for the purpose of gaining data about a particular subject
A logical conclusion based on observations
The systematic investigation of the natural world bases on observation.
The information from an experiment or survey
A testable statement about the solution to a problem
A piece of information gathered by using one or more of the five seances; the process of gathering such information
What i change in an experiment
The group in a controlled experiment that is exposed to the experimental variable
A method of data collection used to determinant what exists or what is common to practice in an area.
The group in a controlled experiment that is not exposed to the experimental variable
Something a person assumes to be true
The perspective or collection of presuppositions from which a person interprets the world
The worlds view that nature is the ultimate reality
A person preconceived ideas or inclinations about a topic
To determinant weather a set of data supports a hypothesis