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Nature of Science

Shortest crosscutting concept, maybe.
Common part of science, "proofs"
An important play in sports or a group of eggs.
U-32 Mascot Name
Large green parrot.
Messier's first name
The uncertainty of science; theories can change
This produced a year's worth of Texas rain in 3 days?
Highest goal scorer for LRUHS.
Science parallels this aspect of human existence.
The fruit of a prickly plant on Blackbeard Island.
The complexity of science! People work in _____.
One of the elements of water
Acronym for the place GHenne worked after college.
Myth: science models are _____
Island of Trachilos footprints.
Science based on observation, evidence, analysis
Myth: a hypothesis is a ____.
Science techniques everyday as in data analysis, accuracy, etc.
Science is like an art or this?
Total myth of science; along w/ test tubes, male wearing this (2 words).
LRUHS last state champion in golf
Two black female tennis players; older one just lost in US Open!
Scientists use prior knowledge, experimental data and then judge to do this.
Hurricane heading for FL!!!
Myth: theories become ______