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Experimental Serum AP Calculus AB

If the second derivative is positive, then the graph is ________.
Method of integrating complex functions in which you replace part of the function with u is called u- ____________.
The integral of a function is the ________ under the curve.
Process of finding dy/dx, when y is in equation
A point where the second derivative is 0 and changes signs
If y = f(x) is continuous and differentiable on (a,b), then there is at least one c in (a,b) where the derivative at x = c equals the average rate of change of f on the interval (a,b)
Rate of change of position with respect to time
Antiderivative of cos(x)
If the derivative is zero, f is _______.
A point in the domain where the first derivative is 0 or undefined.
If the first derivative is negative, then the graph ________.
Maximum or minimum that is not an absolute extreme
The integral of cos(x) from 0 to t is _________.
Antiderivative of 1/X