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Biology I - Module 3 Vocabulary

Contains cell's main DNA
"false foot"
Protozoan with a flagellum
Organelle containing chlorophyll
Diatoms are made of silicon dioxide, the main component of _____.
_______ earth is made from the dead remains of diatoms
Light-sensitive area in some protozoans
Tiny, floating photosynthetic organisms, mainly algae
Symbiosis where 1 benefits and the other is harmed
Watery cytoplasm near plasma membrane
Tiny, floating organisms
Green photosynthetic pigment
Sugary substance in most organisms' cell walls
Close relationship between 2 or more species where at least 1 benefits
Symbiosis where ALL benefit
Membrane-bounded "sac" inside cell
Symbiosis where 1 benefits and the other is neither harmed nor benefitted
Anchoring structure
Hairlike projections for locomotion
Thick cytoplasm near center of cell
Body of plantlike organism NOT divided into leaves, roots or stems
Reproductive cell with hard, protective coating
What color is chlorophyll?
Tiny, floating animals or protozoa
Type of colony that uses holdfasts to anchor to objects