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Biology II - Module 3

___ pili are the cells associated with our hair standing on end when we get "chills"
Number of thoracic vertebrae
The process of skin cells "flaking" off
Another name for tailbone
____ bone contains a network of many marrow-filled spaces surrounded by bone matrix
____ cartilage covers the ends of a bone in a joint
Loose connective tissue connecting dermis to muscle or bone
Another name for "skin" system
When a cut in your skin is ____, it heals better, with little scarring
Number of lumbar vertebrae
Process of bone formation
Dark melanin
The ____ skeleton is made up of the pectoral girdle & arms; and pelvic girdle & legs
Lines of cleavage are also called lines of ____
A passageway
A hole
Immoveable joint between flat bones in the skull
Number of cervical vertebrae
Process of manufacturing blood cells
Projection on a bone
If something is "under the skin," we say it is ____
Skin cells responsible for skin pigmentation
The ____ skeleton contains the head, neck & trunk
There are many ____ fibers in the dermis
____ bone is dense and organized into osteons
Red-tinted melanin
A hollowed-out space or cavity
When a cut goes across the lines of ____, healing is much slower