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FL Vocabulary 05 - Fill in the blank

The US ____ is growing slowly but consistently, so I'm ready to invest in stocks.
Malaysia's success in economic diversification has made it one of the world's leading ____ markets.
The Gross ____ Product is the market value of all goods and services produced by labor and property in a nation.
I'll be happy to give you a loan! But first, I need some _____ from you!
Buying and selling stocks is too complicated for me to understand. I need to hire a ____.
The stock I bought hasn't gone up much, but I'm making good money with the ____.
I've decided to take that "next step" with my girlfriend. We've opened a ____ at our local bank.
The housing market is booming, so the ____ in my home has increased substantially!
An undisclosed ____ would invalidate the sale.
My contributions to my IRA are tax ____.
My new kitchen cost me $20,000. Ten years ago, it would have only cost $15,000. Well, that's ____ for you!
As part of my mortgage contract, I have to make monthly payments into an ____ account for Property Taxes.
China's government runs a virtual ____ on the manufacturing and sale of tobacco.
I made good money on those Municipal Bonds, and even better was that the profit was ____.
I've been very careful with my investments and savings, so now my ____ is looking very good!
I love my new job. The salary is good and the company contributes into an excellent ____ plan.
I have to stop spending money foolishly. I'm in serious ____ now!
I don't think that company will last much longer. It spends far more than it earns, so its ____ is very bad.
I sold a record number of cars this month. My ____ will be a very sizable check!
My loan's interest rate was only 5%, but the ____ is killing me!
I missed too many payments, so they _____ my car!
It looks like interest rates will go down next year, so I'm applying for an ____-rate mortgage.
I won a bundle in the lottery! I have enough to take a risk, so I think I'll invest some of it into a ____.
The economy has been declining for the past eight months. This is bad news. I think we're going into a ____.
I just signed the papers to give my brother Power of ____ in case anything happens to me.
I was going to offer $225,000 for that house, but the ____ came back at only $190,000. Good thing I paid to have it done!
My mother is 65 years old, so now her health insurance is covered by ____.
We have a baby coming, so we really need to set up a ____ to control our spending.