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English Culture 04

– v. – To disturb or scare someone. To cause worry or trouble.
– idiom – Something or someone is not any better than me.
– n. – thread Thread used by a doctor to hold a person’s skin together so it can heal correctly.
– idiom – Telling others what a bad person you are. Wishing that bad things will happen to the person you are cursing.
– adj. – In pain
– idiom – To help or rescue someone from trouble.
– idiom - Something that strongly attracts a person’s attention.
– n. – A person who is very dear and precious to us.
– idiom – Very much of something. usually bad.
– n. – Understanding of a situation only after the situation is over.
– n. – The country of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
– n. – Both are used to sow clothes or stitches.
– idiom – You get back what you work on in life. Actions have consequences.
– n. – A fictional superhero who is very strong and lives to help and rescue people. He is from the fictional planet Krypton.
– idiom – Hugs and kisses.
– idiom – You only need to call me and I will come and help you.
– idiom – Something that you did not think was going to happen.
– adj. – Mixed up, interlaced, spun together (usually in a bad way).
– n. – the soul of a dead person, usually a hard to see and in a scary white form.
– adj. – Colored red like a rose.