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Mr. Stein's Fifth Grade Class

Strong, brave, and smart future pharmacist
Fun, great, and brave future police officer
Cute, beautiful, and awesome future choreographer
Fun, beautiful, and talented future stylist
Fun, great, and loud future doctor
Smart, caring, and beautiful future art teacher
Funny, handsome, and awesome future basketball player
Fun, caring, and energized future basketball player
Smart, funny, and hardworking future plastic surgeon
Funny, happy, and nice future doctor
Smart, kind, and awesome future inventor
Fun, cool, and interesting future engineer
Kind, smart, and fun future Lawyer
Caring, kind, and smart future doctor
Funny, smart, and caring future family doctor
Funny, strong, and friendly future football player
Talented, smart, and brave future Dancer
Fun, kind, and smart, future teacher
Kind, talented, and helpful future doctor
Funny, nice, and smart future NBA All Star
Caring, funny, and nice future teacher
Strong, beautiful, super, future doctor
Kind, caring, and talented future veterinarian
Talented, fast, friendly future head chef
Caring, amazing, and beautiful future hair stylist
Cool, nice, and funny future engineer