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Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Teacher: Kelsey
A large mass of ice and snow moving on land under its own weight
Release of small sediments by wind
Any type of erosion that happens as gravity moves materials downslope
Mixture of different-sized sediments
Mass of material that slips down a curved surface
Process that wears away surface materials and moves them from one place to another
Sediments slowly shift their positions downhill
Mound of built up sand formed by the wind
Wind-blown sediments scratching and scraping rock
Agents of erosion drop the sediments they are carrying as they lose energy
Deposited sediments from a melting glacier
Materials piled up that looks as though it has been pushed along by a bulldozer
Boulders, gravel, and sand being added to the bottom and sides of a glacier
Fine-grained sediments deposited by the wind