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Organelles within Plant and Animal Cells

Found in both plant and animal. Large and oval in size and controls cell activities.
Found in both plant and animal. Clear, thick, jelly like material and organelles found inside cell membrane. supports and protects the organelles.
Found in both plant and animal. The network of tubes or membranes which carries materials through the cells.
Found in both plant and animal cells. for plants it is inside the cell wall and in animal it is the outer layer. It is selectively permeable.
Found in both animal and plant fluid-filled sacs that store food, water, and waste.
This organelle is only in plant and is the outer layer, rigid, stiff and made of cellulose.
More common in animal cells. Small, round, with a membrane that breaks down the larger food molecules into smaller molecules and digests old cell parts.
Found in both plant and animal. Surrounds nucleus and selectively permeable. Controls movement of materials in/out of nucleus.
Found in both plant and animal. Bean-shaped, with inner membranes and breaks down sugar molecules into energy.
Only in plant cells. Green, oval usually containing chlorophyll and uses energy from the sun to make food for the plant which is photosynthesis.
Found in both plant and animal. Small bodies free or attached to E.R. which produces proteins.