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River Geography

where one river flows into another river, lake, reservoir, sea, or ocean. The end of a river.
River that flows into another river or lake
area of land lying above the level where the water flows or where flooding occurs; characteristics of upland: cold, clear, rocky, v-shaped valley, fast-flowing rivers in mountainous areas
the amount of water that passes through a given point in given amount of time.
The trough of land that holds river water under non flood conditions
remnants of a former floodplain of a river; characteristic: distinct strips of steeper land called “risers”, followed by a level strip of land above the current floodplain
land area bordering rivers and other bodies of surface water. Riparian Zone may extend as much as 100 ft or more along the side of the river and is characterized by plants that are water tolerant.
a U-shaped bend in the course of the river that is cut off by the river to form a small lake
broad alluvial plains, lower in elevation than upland; characteristics of lowland: slower moving, sediment beds, turbid, oxbow lakes, wide
in between upland and lowland areas of a river
Initial source of the water in a river- opposite of its emptying point or junction with another body of water
land area that drains into a river, river system, or other body of water
where a major river divides into smaller parts near the mouth of the river, that usually flow into a larger body of water
winding curve or bend in the river, usually occurs in midland and lowland rivers.
and or areas that are covered with water intermittently or seasonally, or where the soil is saturated; distinct ecosystem has it can contain terrestrial and aquatic species; usually occur around lowland rivers
a natural depression in the earth’s surface that typically contains water