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Vocabulary Crossword

Teacher: Mrs. Perez
Tending to spread from person to person
A structure in the kidneys that separates wastes from the useful materials
Rightfulness or lawfullness
Thankfulness; gratefullness
Craftsperson; skilled artists that makes small quantities of distinctive products
An organ that temporarily stores urine.
Learner, novices, someone who works with another to learn a trade
To unite formally: to join together for some cause
Differ in opinion;disagree
To drive out or force away
Awaiting an event; expectation or hope
Victorious; having achieved a victory or success
Excess water and waste that is produced by the kidneys
An owner of a business: or the person who has an exclusive right to something
Deeply interested or involved; preoccupied
The tube that carries urine from your bladder to the outside of your body
Bean -shaped organs that filter waste from the blood