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Biology - The Evidence Around Us - Lessons 9-12

An organism that eats only plants.
When several areas of water runoff all run into a single body of water, we call this a ____.
Genotype with two identical letters (alleles)
"life beginning from nothing"
Heat ____ are land areas near cities where temperatures are higher than normal.
Genotype with two different letters (alleles)
If you have small letters from each parent, you have a ____ trait.
An organism that eats both plants and other organisms.
He was a naturalist on Her Majesty's Ship, ____.
The process of methodically cutting up a specimen in order to study it.
Pasteur used a ____-neck flask to do his famous experiment.
Another name for "tweezers" used when cutting up a specimen.
Special scissors that clamp shut.
An organism that only eats other organisms.
If we track genotypes, we draw a ____ Square.
Environmentalists frequently say that a ____ of scientists believe global warming is manmade, but this is not true.
Formalin and glycerin replaced ____ as a specimen preservative.
DDT killed mosquitoes which carried the disease ____.
If we look at phenotypes, we build a ____ chart.
An ____ represents interaction between organisms & their environment
____ complexity means if even one part of a structure is missing, it won't work.
If you have even one "capital letter," you have a ____ trait.
The ____ layer protects us from ultraviolet rays from the sun.
Chrosome pairs 1-22
Razor-sharp tool to cut specimens.
The ____ stick graph is a complete lie when trying to show warming trends in history.
Louis ____ completely disproved the Law of Spontaneous Generation.
Ernst ____ published embryo drawings that were proven to be a hoax.
Charles ____ wrote "On the Origin of Species..." and brought evolution to the world