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vocabulary math geometry

Author: nothing
A line that begins at one point and extends to infinity in the opposite direction
Angle measuring 180 and forming a perfect line
The angle formed by two perpendicular lines measures exactly 90 degrees
An exact position
Point at which the sides of angles intersect
Having height, width and depth
Triangle with all sides having the same length
Motion around a central point or axis turn
A straight path that extends in both
A change that flips a shape across a line
A straight mark with two fixed end points
Angle measuring greater than 180 but less than 360
Size of a two dimensional surface space inside a boundary
Space between the meeting of two lines
Any four sided closed figure
Close plane figure with 3 or more straight sides
Corner meausring less than ninety degrees
Triangle with all sides having a different length
Triangle with exactly two sides having the same length
Total distance around the edge of a figure
Movement of a shape without rotation slide
Corner mesuring more than ninety degrees