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Culture Crossword

Will Meadors
The study of how perception of time differs between individuals and cultures.
A culture in which people regardless of sex can assume a variety of roles depending on the circumstances and their own choices.
A culture that values personal rights and responsibilities, privacy, voicing one's opinion, freedom, innovation, and self-expression.
A culture in which men are expected to adhere to traditional sex roles
The system of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and orientations learned through communication that guides what is considered to be appropriate thought and behavior in a particular segment of the population.
A time orientation that views time as being small, even units that occur sequentially.
A classification of people based on shared national characteristics such as country of birth, geographic origin, language, religion, ancestral customs, and tradition.
A system of beliefs, rituals, and ethics based on a common perception of the sacred or holy.
A level in the power hierarchy of a society whose membership is based on income, education, occupation, and social habits.
The point of view allows you to see the value in other cultural perspectives.
The commonly accepted preference for some states of affairs over others.
A time orientation that views time as a continuous flow.
The psychological discomfort you experience when you must interact in a new culture.
Cultures that exist side by side with the dominate culture and comprise smaller numbers of people who hold common values, attitudes,beliefs, and orientations that differ from those of the dominate culture.
The learned system of values, beliefs, attitudes, and orientations held by the majority of people in a society.