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Biology Lab Quiz

Cell is growing; carrying out normal activities, making a 2nd copy of organelles, 2nd copy of DNA developing
Chromosones line up in the middle of the cell
Serves as a corening over the surface of the nucleus
Produces ribosomes, part of the nucleus
What are the 3 bases?
Basic metric unit to determine weight
What product producted bubbles?
Assembles amino acids to form proteins; this organelle may be 'free' or 'bound' to the rough ER
Sister chromatids are pulled apart;chromosomes more o opposite poles of cell
Made by Golgi apparatus, transports and stores cell products
Provides structural support for the cell, composed of microtubules; microfilaments
What was the enzyme?
Division of cytoplasm; may overlap with Anaphase and Telephase; cleavage furrow
Two bundles of microtubes, necessary for cell production; location of the centrioles
Makes lipids, breaks down toxins; poisons
Chews up microbes, damages cells, and unnecessary cell parts
Studded with ribosomes; responsible for helping to make proteins
What was the substrate?
Holes in the nuclear membrane/envelope that allows materials to pass in and out of the nucleus
Encloses the cell; regulates movement of materials into and out of the cell
Breaks down nutrients to form energy (ATP) "powerhouse"
The nuclear envelope reforms;chromosomes de-condense into chromatin
Packages cell products into vesicles, modifies proteins coming from ER; packages the for export
Basic unit to determine height
Basic metric unit to determine how much your stomach holds
Contains the DNA of the cell
Nuclear envelope disappears; chromatin condenses to form chromosomes