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Introduction to Chemistry Vocabulary

Explains scientific phenomenon
relatively high proportion of the solute in the solvent
Variable that responds to the manipulated variable
Production of new nuclei
relatively low proportion of the solute in the solvent.
major component of a solution, the liquid that dissolves the solute.
of stars
Lighter nuclei fuse to become a heavier nuclei
amount of space matter occupies, often measured in milliliters
the change in the frequency of a wave for an observer, when there is movement relative to the source of the wave.
Describes scientific phenomenon
A possible explanation for a phenomenon used as a starting point
Theory that explains how the universe began
Variable that is manipulated by the experimenter
The apparent shift in the spectrum of stars moving away from an observer
mass of a substance divided by the volume
Variables that are held constant in an experiment
Mixture in which the solute is evenly distributed in the solvent.
minor component of a solution, the substance that is dissolved in the solvent.
the amount of matter, often measured in grams