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The Constitution Crossword

A system in which citizens elect representatives to govern them is known as a _____.
A decision made by government in pursuit of a goal is a ______.
Principle of the Constitution in which the rights of the states are protected by dividing powers between the national government and the state governments
Ideal of American Democracy that states that all people have the ability or freedom to act and think as they choose
An autocratic government in which power rests in the hands of a single person is called a _____.
Amendment that states that even though the Constitution explicitly lists and protects certain rights, others are still retained by the people
Amendment that includes protection from self-incrimination, double jeopardy, or convictions without an indictment from a grand jury
First ten amendments of the Constitution
Goal of the Constitution that provides reasonable, fair, and impartial laws
The Supreme Court case that asserted the power of judicial review and established judiciary as a co-equal branch of the government
A ____ is a government in which power is derived from religion and leaders claim to be representatives of their religion.
Characteristic of a state that says that states must have supreme power to act within their territory and to control external affairs.
Amendment that protects against unreasonable searches and seizure and lists out the process for acquiring warrants
Amendment that protects the right to bear arms
Ideal of American Democracy that states that all people possess the same fundamental moral worth that entitles them to fair treatment
Amendment that prevents soldiers from being quartered in civilian houses without the consent of the owner
The inability for elected representatives to compromise, which causes the government to effectively cease to function.
Amendment that protects the civil liberties and ensures the freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech
Principle of the Constitution that gives the judiciary power to strike down laws and other government actions as invalid under the Constitution
_____ is the government's authority and ability to act.
Another main part of the Constitution
Amendment that dictates that the government cannot enforce cruel and unusual punishments for crimes
A ______ is a government system in which the people vote directly on matters of public concern.
The _______ was meant to act as a check against the will of the people.
The power to take private property for public use, presumably to serve the public good, is _____.
Characteristic of a state that states there must be a clearly defined and internationally-recognized border.
An _____ is a system of government in which power rests in the hands of a small group of people, such as the military, the wealthy, or the landowners.
One of the three main parts of the Constitution
Amendment that reserves the right to a trial by jury in suits at common law
Amendment that dictates that the powers not officially granted to the Constitution are reserved to the States of the people
Amendment that reserves the right for defendants in criminal cases to have a speedy and public trial