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Economics Terms

Goods SOLD TO other countries
An EXTRA PRICE added onto things purchased from another country
When a country WON'T TRADE with another country
Skills workers use to make things
A person who MAKES things
TOOLS workers use to make things
Amount of people who can READ and WRITE in a country
To swap things
Tradition decides what a country makes
OBJECTS people sell or buy
A person who BUYS things
The MONEY that each country has
Materials from NATURE used to make things
Decides the PRICE and AMOUNT of oil made each year in big countries
Goods brought INTO a country
ACTIVITIES people sell or buy
HOW MUCH stuff a person has
Total VALUE of all things made in a country
How much a countries MONEY IS WORTH compared to other countries
Mixes command and market economies
Study of how people get things they need
When there ISN'T ENOUGH of something
Government decides what a country makes
Trading in which BOTH parties want what the other has to offer
To BUY something so you can MAKE MONEY off of it
Producers and consumers decide what a country will make
A LIMIT on how much of something may be brought into a country.