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Cell Crossword

The power house of the cell. Located randomly throughout the cell.
Surrounds the cell membrane of some bacteria. Allows the cell to attach to objects.
Modifies and packages carbohydrates and lipids then ships them to the Golgi Complex.
An abnormal growth of cells that is lethal to the body.
Are the transporters, linkers, and receptors of the cell.
The brain of the cell. Semi-permeable, however more permeable than the plasma membrane.
Part of the reproduction of the cell. Found in thee center of the cell.
The fluid surrounding all the organelles in the cell. Contains glycogen, lipids, melanin... etc
Increases the surface area inside a cell.
The gate keeper for the cell. Provides protection and support.
The liquid found inside the cell. The site of multiple cell processes.
Contains the DNA inside the cell. There are 23 pairs in human cells.
Called the suicide sac. Can either destroy the cell, organelles, or foreign objects.
Creates proteins for the cell. Found on Rough ER and throughout the cell.
Contains proteins and RNA. The dark structure within the nucleus.
An abnormal growth that doesn't spread and is not cancerous.
Modifies substances created from ER and exports them throughout the cell.
Covered in ribosomes. Helps to make parts of the cell membrane.