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Center of the atom.
Substance formed by the chemical combination of two or more elements in definite proportions.
Variable that is observed and changes.
Material composed of two or more elements or compounds that are physically mixed together but not chemically combined.
Smaller units of monomers join together to form _______.
Compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.
Logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or experience.
Variable that is deliberately changed.
Proposed scientific explanation for a set of observations.
Information gathered from observations.
Well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.
Smallest unit of most compounds.
Positive and negatively charged atoms.
The decimal system of measurement whose units are based on certain physical standards and are scaled on multiples of 10.
Process of gathering information about events or processes in a careful, orderly way.
Mixtures of water and non dissolved material are know as ________.
The science that employs the scientific method to study living things.
Pure substance that consists entirely of one type of atom.
Negatively charged particle.
Organized way of using evidence to learn about the natural world.