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Plant Structures

Has "netted" veins
Layer of mesophyll
A section of tissue at the tip of a plant root
The process of water loss in a plant
Movement of molecules from high concentration to low concentraion
Group of vessels in a stem, leaf, or root
Non-woody part of the plant
Water moving through a membrane
Opposite of photosynthesis; getting energy from a chemical reaction.
Prevents water loss
Transports water and minerals UP from the soil
A single dominant root
Roots that appear above ground to help assist the plant climb or "hold"
Located just below the epidermis, made of chloroplasts in columns
Surround the stomata
Have parallel vascular bundles
Plant tissue that xylem and phloem grow from.
Many small branching roots
The internal tissue of a leaf
Collects water for the plant
Small epidermal pore, allows oxygen and water out, and carbon dioxide in.
Transports nutrients (food) throughout the plant (multiple directions)
Outer layer of tissue below the epidermis