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20th Tribal Thanksgiving

Often need more at a crowded table
Aka Liquor or ghosts
Distinctive odor
20 years of, a Babs top song
Keeps Julia Child going; libation
And pepper
Syd's "must dessert"
Belly giggles
Amish ending wonders
....and drink
Turkey's last words
Sitting on at the table
Or nog
Rich's tool
Napkin keepers
Might keep Rich & cooks clean
Throughout the house
...milk but not dairy
Supported the table at the 1st dinner at 5 Scotch Circle or _____ant & _____power (fill in the blanks)
No stick spray
Festive lights, pumpkins, Indian corn
Now we take on our phones
Left behind on the table
Not Korea
Dudley's annual request; Judy always brings this
In every corner
Gin's outside indulgence
With butter
Sometimes homemade
The 2nd turkey
Watching with TD Jesus
In nearly every dish
Red or white?
The turkey's bath for a full day
Bottle or can
Left by a wet glass
See 11 across
Old friendships are worth more than _______
Hand and dish
Hot or cold course, depends on season
They fill the sink
____ is the best medicine
Light at the table
Rem's favorite potato, miss- spelled
Do we ever tell too many?
The table, not long but
Better than lights
Fruit of Gran Marnier
Off of the Weber Grill; deepfryer
Bringing more from Italy, spelling variation
To start with
On every invitation envelope
Going home with you
Perhaps honey-baked
Coffee, ___ or me?