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Ch. 1 Social Studies/Science

The space an object takes up
A measure of gravitational force on an object
The protection and careful use of natural resources
The study of the world and its features
A person and the skills and knowledge he or she brings to the job
A tool, machine, or building people use to produce goods and services
A physical feature of the earth's surface
A high steep sided area that rises of the nearby land
The most important that that people give up so they can have or do something else
Lack of something
The amount of matter in a substance
The imaginary line dividing the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
An area with certain characteristics the set it apart from surrounding areas
The system people use to produce goods and services
The result of people making the goods they are best able to produce with the resources they have
Buying and selling goods
A person who spends money on goods or services
Anything that has mass and takes up space
Can be measured in grams using a balance scale
An object's ability to float
The type of weather in a place over a long period of time