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Colonial Vocabulary

Colony started by Pilgrim Separatists in 1620.
Native American who greatly helped the Pilgrims.
First elected law making assembly in the English colonies.
To accept different beliefs.
First profitable product produced in Jamestown.
(2 words) Person who agrees to work for a set period in return for passage to America.
(2 words) First agreement between the people and their government in N. America.
Ship the Pilgrims sailed on in 1620.
Person who wanted to leave the Church of England, and worship on his/her own.
Person who wanted to cleanse the Church of England from within.
People in Jamestown who didn't know how to work/wouldn't work.
Document that lets you settle and trade in a certain area.
First English colony in N. America--didn't last.
Powhatan woman who helped the English in Jamestown.
(3 words) Group of investors who pooled their extra money to cover the costs of starting a colony. Did this in hopes of making a profit.
Settlement in another land, ruled by the parent country.
First and last name of person who thought women should have more power in Puritan society; was banished in 1637.
First permanent English colony in N. America.