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Renaissance and Reformation

Name: _______________________
English chancellor
Boyle's field
"man can do anything"
Family controlled Florence
Allowed new Church of England head
Newton's book
Heliocentric start
"The Magnificent"
Heart of the Renaissance
Bruegal subject
Leader at Trent
Swiss reformer
Mona Lisa
Sistine Chapel
Made a Greek Bible
Henry's second
Huss's country
French monk
Detailed autopsies
Author of the 95 Theses
Polish star watcher
Early English reformer
Henry's beheaded friend
Petrarch's home
Danish star watcher
Created the dome at the Cathedral in Florence
Luther's way to heaven
Three-dimensional look
Architecture as a social art
Harmony state
Seller of pardons
Courtier book
School of Athens
"Martyr's Mirror" victims
Discourse on Method
First "defender of the faith"
What Loyola founded
Northern Leonardo
Cut off Luther