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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling List: 4.5.1 Multisyllabic Words

Teacher: L. Houser
He made a ________ that he would help free the people.
When he became older, he thought about quitting his job and going into _______.
An officer cadet or commissioned officer in the United States Navy.
When you can question an object, it is considered ________.
The lock on the playground gate was _________.
The song was _________ in order to play it at the party.
To make a statement in weak or restrained way.
Representing several different cultures.
That was not the _______ I was expecting.
When standing by a campfire, it is best to wear clothing that is ________.
It was so hot outside that all I could think about was a nice cold _______.
The elephant was _________ big.
She did the math problem __________.
The definition for the word I was looking for was _________.
The mother _________ stood by her child.
I ________ my friends phone number.
Because of his _________ while playing basketball, he was given an award.
Being ________ with someone makes decision making difficult.
Because of the ___________ of his jacket, he had to borrow a jacket from someone else.
I _________ skipped and danced with joy.
It is disrespectful to be _________ to your parents.
In a universal manner; in every instance or place without exception.
Being peculiar or eccentric.
If you have to pay again, you are making a _______.