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sound energy 3rd grade

Sound travels in ________
An example of a low pitched sound
an object that vibrates ______________ has a low pitch
Sound does not travel in ___________
How loud or soft a sound is
The vibrations go to the nerves that send a message to your _______
Sound travels at different ______________ through matter
An object that vibrates ____________________ has a high pitch
Sound travels slowest through ___________
Loud sounds are made by objects that vibrate with a lot of ________
A measure of how much energy a sound wave has
Collects the sound wave
A high pitched sound
To move back and forth quickly
The sound wave makes your _______ vibrate
The _________ the amplitude the louder the sound
How high or low a sound is
Vibrations go to the ___________ that send a message to your brain
Sound travels fastest through a ___________
A form of energy that comes from objects that vibrate