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Spelling Word Puzzle

A group of three related plays
A muscle on your arm
An affect done by a group
Dull and repetitious
A long speech an actor in a play or movie
A person speaking 2 languages fluently
A person that only speaks one language
Something divided into 2 parts
A group of three connected people or things
A polygon with three corners and three sides
A pair of eyeglasses that have lenses
A three legged stand to support a camera
A railroad with one rail
A contest with three sports in it
Taking place every other year.
A piece of clothing worn by members of the same organization
A dinosaur with three horns
Become united
A decision made to affect only 1 person
Coming every 2 months
A code with 1's and 0's
a million million
A sound that continues, especially someone's voice
A possession of control of the supply or trade in a service