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Law Enforcement

What are one of four words of conduct one the banner of RTE door?
What was hidden in the scenario room?
Who made this puzzle?
Who has to run the Spartan 300?
First class topic
Pounds of avg human hear
Sister agency of OSHA
Whats on the front of Socobys t-shirt on the chair? (3 words)
Search and seize amendment
Person's picture by door to classroom
What lets us watch tv in classroom with no cable?
One rule of classroom (3 words)
How many stars are on flag in classroom?
Whos picture is on top of bookshelf? (Two words)
Doing the right thing when no one is around
Worlds best spikeball player
What does America run on?
How many red stripes?
How many kids does Socoby have?
Who had to do pushups on the first day?
Who finished Everfi first?
What is online training called?
Who finished osha first?