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Chapter 3 Vocab
The production of protein in cells.
Tumor composed of cells confined to the local area.
The formation of pinocytic vesicles which engulf large molecules.
An arrangement of layers of membranes resembling a stack of pancakes.
Basic structure and function of all living things.
Steps that equally distributes DNA in the nucleus of the daughter cells.
Energy made from broken down carbohydrates, fats and proteins stored in cells.
The unprogrammed death of cells and living tissues.
A double-layered structure that has openings at regular intervals that contains the nucleus of a cell
The diffusion of water or any other solvent molecule through a selective permeable membrane.
An orderly process by which cells intentionally die.
Long, hair-like structures that move materials across the surface of a cell.
Little body
Spherical or rod-shaped organelles that contain most of the cell's energy
The process of cell division of the sex cell or gamete (involves reproduction).
A physical process whereby molecules of gases, liquids, or solid particles spread themselves evenly through a medium.
Physical processes that do not need energy to function(diffusion, osmosis, and filtration).
A fine network of tubular structures crisscrossing the cellular cytoplasm
The process that allows malignant tumors to spread to other parts of the body.
Substances engulfed are within particles.
Short, rodlike structures
A loose state that arranges the DNA and protein
Active processes that require an energy source (phagocytosis and pinocytosis).
Separates the cell from its external environment
Cells decreasing in size, usually due to aging or disease.
The change to the size, shape, and organization of cells as a result of a stimulus.