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The renaissance

4. Cities started to compete to become the most ( ).
22. The German states were now free to choose between Catholicism and what?
5. Humanism taught man had dignity and ( ).
14. What did Niccolo Machiavelli write?
18. Due to Martin Luther what church was created?
24. From what did Christian humanism develop?
7. Who was the “father of humanism”?
6. Who told the people that “If you weren’t following what you were told the afterlife might be good?
21. The Peace of Augsburg accepted the division of what?
15. What did his writing tell us how to keep?
17. Who created the 95 theses?
13. Which Medici ruled Florence?
16. Machiavelli was also the father of political ( ).
19. What made Luther an outlaw within the empire?
23. What did the people do to Luther’s 95 theses after he posted them?
1. What was the Renaissance also known as?
11. What city was known as the “banking center of Italy”?
2. What was one of the most significant ideas of the renaissance?
25. What church did Martin Luther post his theses?
20. What ended the religious warfare?
10. Due to increase trade, who became wealthier?
3. The renaissance renewed interests in learning and ( ).
9. What in Italy expanded as more people came in?
12. What family were the greatest bankers?
8. Where did the renaissance start?