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Linear Motion Vocabulary Review

When you go in a circle at constant speed you are ... because your direction changes
The rate at which your velocity changes is your ....
If you don't change how fast you go and your direction of motion your velocity is ...
The straight line(shortest length) between initial and final position of an object is___
The... in a car gives you your instantaneous speed
When you take an on ramp at 20mi/h , your .... is changing
Displacement divided by time gives you
The speed at any instant of time is called ... speed
If you move at constant speed in a straight line, your acceleration is equal to...
When your velocity is decreasing , it is known as .....
The word "per" means .... by
When you specify your speed and your direction of motion , you report your....
Jostling atoms is an example of ... motion
Total distance divided by total time gives you.... speed
20km/h is equal to...m/s
Motion of an object is described relative to a
The lover case Greek letter that stands for "change in" is not triangle, it is
A book on a desk is in motion the sun
If you travel 100km in 2 hours , your average speed is
In the US speeds on roads are marked in ... per hour
A quantity divided by time
Distance divided by time