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Psychology Unit 2

The part of the brain that regulates movement and balance
(2 words) The region of the brain that contains the visual cortex
(2 words) The part of the brain that allows the two hemispheres to communicate
The neurotransmitter involved in eating, mood, and sleep
(3 words) The subdivision of the peripheral nervous system that regulates the internal organs and glands
A neuron’s branches that receive information from other neurons and transmit it toward the cell body
Are there any differences between the brains of men and women?
The neurotransmitter involved in memory, learning, movement, pleasure, and emotion
(2 words) A brief change in electrical voltage that occurs between the inside and outside of an axon when a neuron is stimulated.
(2 words) Reflexes below the neck are called __________
True or false: Many researchers believe in right-hemisphere dominance
(2 words) The region of the brain that contains the somatosensory cortex
The part of the brain involved in arousal and regulation of emotion and initial response to sensory information
The substance that increases when a person is afraid or under stress and decreases pain
Regulates daily biological rhythms and promotes sleep