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Massachusetts Colonies Crossword

The Puritans wanted to ____.
What was the name of the college which the Puritans created?
Who was a key leader in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
The climate in both colonies was very ___.
Pilgrims were also called what?
Plymouth eventually merged with what colony?
What was it called when the Puritans came to America?
The English settlers for MA Bay and Plymouth came in _____.
These were the only people who could vote inside of the MA Bay Colony.
Other than Separatists, what was the other religion at Plymouth?
Who was the Massachusetts Bay Colony founded by?
The Massachusetts Bay Colony traded with what place?
The Puritans believed in _______.
Both colonies had ___ , ___ soil.
Who was a key leader in the Plymouth Colony?
Plymouth established what holiday with the Indians?
This colony was almost destroyed by epidemic diseases in its first year.
The MA Bay Colony was very ____.
The capital of the MA Bay Colony.
How many of the Massachusetts colonies had poor Indian relations?