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Culture Part 2

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The norms and values that people actually follow
Refers to a norm so strongly ingrained that even the thought of its violation is greeted with revulsion.
Not all parts of a culture change at the same pace.
They are norms that are taken much more seriously.
A value, norm, or another cultural trait that is found in every group.
That one can see a major force for social change in a society.
Skills or procedures necessary to make and use those tools.
To refer to the values, norms, and goals that a group considers ideal
The emerging technologies of an era that have a significant impact on social life.
The process by which cultures become similar to one another
A world within the larger world of the dominant culture.
Those that are shared by most of the groups that make up U.S. society.
The spread of cultural traits from one group to another.
Made up of many different groups
Values that together form a larger whole
Norms that are not strictly
A group whose values, beliefs, norms, and related behaviors place its members in opposition to the broader culture.