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The Constitution

Things like clean air or water that by their nature cannot be denied to anyone
Which chamber in Congress has the power of advice and consent?
The concept of ______ ______ was a departure from monarchies where the King gave privileges to the people and could also take them away
A theory of government that states that is the upper classes who hold the power regardless of formal governmental organization
The author of the Declaration of Independence
Linkage institutions link _______ to government
The United States originally did not have direct election of senators (T/F?)
The first Constitution for the United States
The ____ compromise reached at the Constitutional Convention that established a bicameral legislature
Before we had political parties, we had _________
The Federalist wanted the inclusion of a bill of rights in the Constitution (T/F?)
A form of government where the people select representatives to govern them and make laws.
According to the agreement over slavery and representation, every 5 slaves would count as ____ for the purpose of population and representation
Where I will not be if I am a basketball player
One check that the president has over Congress is the ______. He uses this when he doesn't want a bill to become a law
The idea that certain restrictions should be placed on government to protect the natural rights of citizens.
Acronym of the sum total of the value of all the goods and services produced in a year by one nation
Which chamber in Congress was intended to be less responsive to the people based on its structure
This guy tried to organize farmers to shut down foreclosure proceedings. This event scared showed that the nation was too weak.
The United States government was established based on the principle of _______ of the governed.
This guy never became president but he had an influential role in crafting the new government and paying our national debt.
The primary function of the executive branch is to _____ the law.
This concept was established through the case of Marbury v. Madison
This is a choice that government makes in response to an issue
The theory that the policymaking process is open to the participation of all groups
This condition occurs when no coalition is strong enough to form a majority a so nothing gets done
The most recent amendment proposal that failed was the ____ _____ amendment by two states in the 1970s