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Cell Organelles

Filled with ribosomes on their outer surface.
Small region near the nucleus.
Synthesis and transport of lipids
An organelle with layers that processes secretory and synthetic products from the endoplasmic reticulum.
Transports molecules out of the cell or stores them for later.
A hollow structure in the cytoplasm in most cells.
An organelle in the cytoplasm which functions to produce energy.
A cell organelle that contains enzymes which disintegrates a cell after its death.
A tiny mitten-shaped organelle.
A membrane bound cavity within the cell.
A small cylindrical organelle in most eukaryotic cells.
Directs the cells growth, metabolism, and the function of transmission.
A plastid carrying chlorophyll.
Enclose the cytoplasm of a cell.
The cell substance between the cell membrane and nucleus.
Outer structure of cells.