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Classical Greece Review

Method which includes asking questions
Goddess at whose altar the Olympic Torch burned
First historian of Western Civilization
Location of first ancient Olympics
Author of Oedipus Rex
Study of knowledge
Delivered the news of the Athenian victory at Marathon
Grew to rival the Delian League
Established a direct democracy in Athens
A message from the Gods
Father of Comedy
Taught Aristotle
Believed the essence of the universe was in music and numbers
Persian victory due to knowing a shortcut
Famous for plays with more realism and complexity
Plato's school of learning
Branch of philosophy that concerns human morals
Play in which the main character is successful
Play in which the main character experiences a downfall
Guaranteed ethical training and competition
War between Athens and Sparta
Taught Plato
Defensive alliance of Greek city-states; led by Athens
Allowed for safe travels to the Olympic site
Included running, long jump, javelin, discus, and wrestling
Group of three plays
Taught Alexander the Great
God honored by the Olympics