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7th Grade Citizenship and Economics

The money earned by selling goods and services.
A tax on imports and exports
Ecnomony in which individual consumers and producers make economic decisions.
System of government where a central government makes all the laws for an entire country.
General increase in prices.
A certificate issued by a company or government promising to pay back borrowed money with interest.
Form of government in which citizens hold political power; citizens are the ultimate source of government power and authority.
Is a region that shares a common government.
A group that seeks to influence public policy on certain issues.
The act of concentrating on a limited number of goods and services.
Economy which people make economic decisions based on their customs and habits.
Are people or businesses that buy, or consume, products.
Economy in which the central government makes all economic decisions.
Government is one in which all power is held by a single person or a small group.
A system of basic rules and principles by which a government is organized.
A struggle among producers for consumers' money.
A group of people who have the power to make and enforce laws for a country or area.
Government policy or restriction that limits international trade.
Is a state consisting of several countries.
The amount of a good or service that is available for use.
An organized way for producers and consumers to trade goods and services.
Unjust use of power.
Are goods and services sold in a country that are produced in other countries.
Act of using money in the hope of making a future profit.
A government structure in which government actions are limited by law.
The exchange of goods and services in a market.
The desire for a certain good or service.
An arrangement in which a buyer can borrow to purchase something and pay for it over time.
A group that supports candidates for public office.
The act of setting aside money for future use.
A share of ownership in a company.
A plan that shows income and expenses over a period of time
Common form of authoritarian government in which all power is held by a single person or small group.
Are people or businesses that make and sell products.
A government structure in which there are no effective limits on government actions.
The money company has left after subtracting the costs of doing business.
Having a limited quantity of resources to meet unlimited wants.
Is a form of goverment in which a state is ruled by a monarch.
System of government where power is divided among central, regional, and local governments.
Type of economy that combines elements of a traditional, market, and command economic systems.