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Earth's Human and Cultural Geography pg 77-96 Chapter 3

To buy from another country 96
Group that shares a common language, history, or religion. pg 84
Form of government where the power is held by the people pg 85
Belief in one God Allah as revealed through the Prophet Muhammad. pg 85
The average number of people living in a square mile pg 74
Based on the teachings of Siddhartha Guatama. pg 85
Has a mix of agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries. This includes banking and health care. 94
Taxes put on an import to increase the price of an imported goods. 95
These have very little industry however agriculture remains important. 94
Way of life for a group of people. pg83
Severe lack of food pg 73
Type of resource that cannot be used up or that can be replaced. pg 93
To sell items to another country. 95
Leave a country that you were born and move to another. pg 75
Number of children born each year out of 1000 people pg 73
Belief in one God and the principles handed down by God which includes the 10 Commandments. pg 85
These are factors that attract people to live in a area. pg 76
Based on the belief in a supreme spiritual force known as Brahman. pg 85
Form of government led by a king or queen. pg 86
Type of resource that is finite or in limited supply. 93
The process of spreading ideas, languages, or customs from one culture to another. pg87
Heat homes, run cars, and generate electricity and are oil, coal. Pg 93
Moving from place to place in the same country 75
Growth of cities pg 75
Based on the beliefe in one God and the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. pg85
Materials from the Earth that people use to meet their needs. pg93
These are factors that convince people to leave their homes. pg 76
Language family found in the United States. 83
Removal of trade limits so that goods flow freely among countries. 96
People who are forced to leave a country due to war or disasters. pg 76