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Grade 7 Vocabulary

Drawing objects on the ground higher and closer to the horizon line to make them look farther back in space.
The point at which lines of linear perspective meet and appear to vanish since they are so far away.
Anything that is not flat and has height, width and depth or thickness.
A 3-dimensional structure.
An artist that designs buildings.
The area in between the foreground and the background
When an object or image is too big to fit in the composition and is therefore cut off the edge instead of squished into the picture.
Drawing one object in front of another to make it look closer.
An artist that usually creates art for visually aesthetic purposes. These artists focus more on the art making process and how the art looks and makes people feel rather than its functionality.
The drawn object or the main focus of your work.
A range of values from dark to light or light to dark.
Adding shading with a variety of values to make an object look 3-dimensional in a drawing.
A drawing technique that shows parallel lines of real life (sidewalks, roads, buildings, etc.) converging, or coming together in a drawing to show distance.
A flat object that has height and width but no depth or thickness. Ex: flat paper, shapes, anything drawn on the paper, etc.
The area furthest away from a viewer in a drawing, usually by the horizon line.
An artist who creates art for the purpose of advertisement and for a large audience.
Drawing objects smaller to make them appear farther away.
A 3-dimensional form made up of six squares
The spaces around and in between the main subject of your work.
Drawing 3-dimensional objects or scenes on a 2-dimensional surface.
A smooth and gradation change in values
The drawing of foreground objects clearer and with more texture and detail to make them appear closer.
Refers to the level of lightness or darkness.