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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Band and Orchestra Instruments Name_________

Is tuba high or low sounding?
What instrument represented "Grandfather" in the "Peter and the Wolf" story?
What woodwind instrument plays the highest in the orchestra?
What type of drum represented the hunters in "Peter and the Wolf"?
From your music aptitude test you heard chords in one of the sections. True or False A chord is a group of notes played at the same time.
What instruments represented the wolf in "Peter and the Wolf"?
What is the true name for a baby tuba?
What is the instrument that changes pitches by using a slide action?
What family is snare drum?
What instrument is black and doesn't use a double reed?
What instrument family is cello?
True or False The string instruments only use a bow to produce the sound.
What brass instrument has 16 feet of tubing?
What instrument is low sounding with a long wooden tube?
What instrument represents the duck in "Peter and the Wolf"?
What is the highest voiced string instrument in the orchestra?
Woodwind instrument from Scotland.
In "Peter and the Wolf" what instrument represented the bird?
In "Peter and the Wolf" what instrument represented the cat?
The highest sounding brass instrument is the band.
What is the lowest sounding brass instrument?
How many strings does the harp have?
What instrument actually looks like a brass instrument but is considered a woodwind?
What instrument family is clarinet?
What instrument family is piano?
How many instrument families are there?
What instrument family is trombone?