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Moses and the Exodus

Author: Moses
Name of the child saving event by the Hebrews
Testament where Moses is the major figure
God's pillar of protection by night
Egyptian leader
Israelites spiritual home
Moses' elder brother
Ten laws written by God
Golden image made by the Israelites
Parted sea
Flowed from rocks struck by Moses
Moses' chief aide
God's first plague turned this river into blood
Poisonous vipers sent to punish the Israelites
Substance daubed on home to save the Hebrew children
Moses' first construction project
Number of plagues brought on Egypt by God
The Lord revealed himself as a burning
River Moses was not allowed to cross
Desert the liberated Israelites would wander through
What Moses had to take off
God's final plague killed these children
Mountain on which Moses received God's Law
God's pillar of protection by day
Days and nights Moses spent on the mountain
Honey-tasting food God provided
The Hebrews departure from Egypt
Israelite name for God
Number of years Israelites wandered in the desert
Valley where Moses is buried
Birds sent by God to feed his people