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Unit 1 Math Vocab 7th Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Nelson
Whole numbers and their opposites
The opposite of zero
Numbers that are the same distance from zero, but in different directions from zero
Division by zero
Changing the order you add or multiply in does not change the answer
Absolute value of -3
Two numbers whose sum is zero
To reduce or change to a simpler form/ can sometimes mean to solve
Numbers taht can be expressed as the ratio of two numbers a/b, where b cannot equal zero
My math teachers last name
How my math teacher reminds us of classroom policies
Absolute value of nine
A decimal that ends
The distance a number is from zero
A decimal that has a repeating pattern for infinity
A line that visually shows a continuum of numbers where positive numbers are to the right of zero and negative numbers are to the left of zero
All positive numbers are this compared to negative numbers