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science chapter 2

Decimal system of units based on scale of 10
1000 times more detailed than a light micrsoscope
The study of life; life science
Italian who used chickenbroth and identical flasks
Info gathered from obersavtions
Allows light to pass thru the specimen and uses lenses to form image
Group of atoms
Community and its nonliving environment
Logical interpretation based on prior knowledge, experiences, and or collected data
Smallest functional unit of life
The idea that living things can be produced from nonliving things
Italina who used rotting meat
Things that have all the characteristics of life
Group of organisms of one type that live in the same area
Device that produces magnified images that are too small to see with naked eye
Process of gathering info about events or process
Populations that live defined
A part of the earth that contains all ecosystems
Frenchman who used chicken broth