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Science Benchmark 1 Review

Name: ___________________________________
A ____ front occurs when a warm air mass is stuck between 2 cold air masses.
____ air pressure usually means storms are coming.
In this type of heat transfer, hot liquid or gas particles rise away from a heat source. Cold particles fall closer to the heat source. Then, they get heated up and rise away from the heat source and it creates a cycle.
Measures amount of precipitation
When 2 air masses meet
Measures temperature
Describes how much matter something has.
Materials heat does not travel through easily
Measures wind speed
Describes how close together a substance's atoms are.
In this type of heat transfer, heat travels in waves through space in all directions from any object that is hot.
A ____ front occurs when 2 air masses meet and then stop moving.
Everything is made up of...
State of matter where atoms are close together and can hardly move.
State of matter where particles are still close but can move around easily.
The weight of an object is ______ to the sum of the weight of its parts.
Materials heat travels through easily
In this type of heat transfer, a hot object’s atoms are all vibrating. When the hot object touches another object, its atoms knock into the other object's atoms, causing them to vibrate too. This makes the new object hot as well.
Halves of the Earth that determine what season you're in.
A ____ front occurs when a warm air mass moves over a cold air mass.
_______ particles move apart and vibrate.
Weather tool that measures air pressure.
Physical _____ describe things that can be observed about an object without changing it.
This is like mass, but it will change depending on how much gravity there is.
State of matter where particles are very far apart.
Measures wind direction
A ______ change is one that doesn’t create anything new or can go back to the way it was before
A ______ change always creates something new and can’t go back to what it was before.
Line of latitude that is always hot.
______ particles are usually close together and are still.